He Asked... I said YES!!!!!!!!

Let's go back in time to Friday, April 24, 2009. It was a great day, we both took the day off to go house shopping. He was extra sweet taking extra care of me, making sure the day flowed but also remaining a bit of spontaneous. Around 6pm hunger struck he mentioned we should have a nice dinner to celebrate a great day, "Sure" I said. He suggest South Beach, there are plenty of restaurants on Ocean Drive and the weather was great there was a soft breeze plus he knows I love the walking on the shore at night. By the time we get there I was STARVING! we walked up and down Ocean Drive but all I could think about was how expensive every restaurant was, it was only suppose to be a nice relaxing meal and at this point a drive thru would be heaven; And since we are buying a house our budget is constantly on my mind. Well one particular restaurant stood out "The Crab Shack" since they handed me a 50% off COUPON! (yes I am coupon Queen) and I was desperate for food. Well I finally convinced him and we sat at a table. The menu was no where near what he had in mind for the evening and the 1990's work out music was annoying him to the point were he got up and told the waiter we had an emergency and had to leave. I was shocked, this is completely not like him but I followed. We walked a few restaurants down to a Mediterranean restaurant with outdoor seating over looking the ocean, my chair was perfectly situated next to an outdoor heater (I am always cold). The meal was pricey but VERY delicious. When we finished eating he suggested a walk on the shore, we came across a couple that makes unique crafts from palm leaves, he buys me a rose. I am in heaven- my tummy is happy, my man is smiling, I have a nice souvenir, we saw great homes with tons of potential- life couldn't get better. Until- he starts reminding of the horoscope I texted him earlier that day (its a daily ritual for us), the scope said he should be more poetic. So he had found a beautiful love poem and read it to me, the poem ended it " I will make her my wife..." and he dropped down on one knee and asked me to marry him with a ring in his hand. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH..... "ARE YOU SERIOUS??? REALLY!!! ARE YOU SURE???" I was shocked, he caught me completely off guard, I had NO IDEA! but apparently half of Miami already knew. It took me a few days to let it sit in and start realizing OMG I have to plan a wedding.... YEY!!!! We decided April 24th, 2010 will be our wedding day, exactly one year from the proposal. So far everything is going smoothly... And we ALMOST have a house!